Prepare for Remote ID – Or Avoid it Entirely

The Rule on UAS Remote ID goes into effect on September 16, 2023. You can start preparing drone operation – or avoid the headache entirely and shift to SR Measure without missing a beat.

Remote ID and the Solution for Those Caught Off-Guard

If your quarry operations depend heavily on drones for stockpile measurements, you might want to sit up and take notice. A new Remote ID law is going into effect September 16th and chances are, your current drone operations may not be compliant. All non-compliant drones will be grounded until you comply with the new Remote ID law.  But before the panic sets in, let us help you determine if you are already in compliance and introduce you to SR Measure, your ultimate drone-free tool for stockpile measurement.

What is Remote ID?

Simply put, Remote ID is like a digital license plate for your drone. When your drone is up in the sky, it sends out a broadcast signal. This signal contains identification and location information that can be picked up by local and federal authorities.

The primary aim of the new law is safety and security. With the surge in drone numbers, ensuring they operate without posing risks to manned aircraft and sensitive areas is paramount. Remote ID is a step towards this, assisting the FAA, law enforcement, and other agencies in locating control stations when drones fly where they shouldn’t.

How Do I Comply with the Remote ID Law?

If your drone weighs less than 250 grams/ .55 pounds, the law may not apply. That’s a fairly small drone, though – like the DJI Mini or the Autel Evo Nano series. Chances are, you’re using something bigger.

Even if your drone is subject to the new regulations, compliance isn’t that complicated. Most manufacturers began preparing for Remote ID last year, so while you may need a firmware update, you probably won’t have to replace your drone fleet. Complying with the law is actually quite simple: 

  1. If you’re flying a DJI Air 2S, Mavic 3E, Skydio 2 or other late-model drones, they come pre-equipped with the ability to broadcast your Remote ID. (see full list of supported drones here)
  2. You’ve purchased a third-party broadcast module. These modules attach to the drone to broadcast the needed ID and are necessary if your drone is older or homemade. The DJI Mavic 2 series, for example, will need a broadcast module to achieve compliance, as will the Matrice 200 series drones. But here’s the catch – many of these modules are sold out and you will need to purchase one on backorder.

Either way, it’s important to know that Remote IDs can be seen by anyone with a smartphone. That may not concern many users, but others may find it unnerving that their UAVs information is publicly accessible.

Use SR Measure to Get Your Measurements

While businesses have relied on drones for stockpile measurements for more than a decade now, the FAA’s new rules may present the perfect opportunity to make a switch. If you’re working with an older drone fleet, you may have to source broadcast modules (which could take months – during which your fleet will be grounded) or replace your drones entirely. Even if your “fleet” consists of one or two drones, that could be a considerable expense. 

You have alternatives. In fact, you have alternatives that are faster, easier, and far less costly.

Enter SR Measure, the “no-drone” stockpile measurement solution. This powerful app allows you to measure stockpiles using just your iPhone. The significant advantages?

  • No Drone Hassles: With SR Measure, you sidestep the maze of drone laws, regulations, and no-fly zones. It’s just you and your iPhone.
  • Consistency in Reporting: You can’t just tell your finance team that stockpile measurements were missed due to drone regulations. With SR Measure, you ensure that your measurements are always on schedule, accurate, and without hiccups.
  • Reliable accuracy: SR Measure is accurate to within 5% of the volume of your stockpile. (With cones, that accuracy improves to within 1.6%.) 

The Remote ID law may be grounding your drone operation, but with SR Measure your month-end inventory doesn’t need to stop. In fact, by switching to SR Measure, you gain ease, reliability, and cost savings. The only thing you’ll lose is the expense and headache of FAA compliance.  

Download the app for free today and try it for yourself.