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Why SR Measure With an iPhone 14 Is the Fastest Way To Measure a Stockpile

Is your team still measuring stockpiles with a 4-year-old iPhone? Let’s talk about why you and your team should upgrade to the new iPhone 14.

On-site measurements

The SR Measure app has an enhanced experience for the iPhone 14: speed and precision with measurements on your phone.

Know before you go: No more uploading to the cloud to confirm success!

Get on-site answers: With SR Measure, job site decisions are fast and based on facts, confirming whether you are hitting KPIs in real time:

Did you make enough material today?

Do you have enough to fill the next sales order?

Don’t trust your deliveries? Verify those loads on receipt.

Upgraded iPhone 14 camera gives you the edge

The camera features improvements to deliver successful measurements in demanding environments.

Less shake = better video! The camera auto-fixes blurry video, plus quality improves if you walk over uneven terrain.

Goodbye sun flare! Larger sensors capture details in low-light situations and dramatically reduce lighting contrast.

Download SR Measure today for real-time answers and the fastest way to measure a stockpile.