How SR Measure Determines the Base of a Stockpile

When it comes to measuring stockpiles, accuracy matters. One overlooked aspect that can have a significant impact on accuracy is determining the base plane of the stockpile. As illustrated in the image below, even a small incorrect measurement of the stockpile’s base plane can account for a significant percentage of the total volume.

As the size of the stockpile grows, so does the impact on an incorrect base plane measurement. If you aren’t measuring the base plane correctly, you could be underestimating your inventory.

How SR Measure Perfects the Base Plane Measurement

Watch our Chief Scientist, Jared Heinly, describe the process SR Measure uses to determine the base plane of a stockpile.

The SR Measure app transforms your iPhone into a cutting-edge 3D measurement tool. When you use the app to measure your stockpile, it captures millions of distinct surface points.

These points form a solid detailed surface, showcasing every nook and cranny of your stockpile. The digital stockpile then undergoes a comprehensive analysis to determine the volume. One of the crucial steps of this process is identifying the pile toe—the point where the stockpile meets the ground. SR Measure’s algorithms analyze surface slopes, flatness, inflection points, and other aspects of the model to determine the exact location of the toe.

With the pile toe in place, SR Measure generates a best fit ground plane. The shape of the ground plane will bend and contour to the actual shape of the pile, reflecting an accurate base plane. This gives users a precise, accurate base plane for their stockpile measurements.

Precision, Repeatability, and Removing the Human Element

Precision in stockpile measurements isn’t just a nice to have – it’s essential. SR Measure doesn’t rely on gut feelings or guesstimates. Its algorithms sample those millions of surface data points using a consistent set of rules, ensuring precise results.

Because it’s an algorithm, SR Measure offers repeatability. When humans measure stockpiles, there are always variations. One day’s measurement might differ slightly from the next. But with SR Measure, you get the same high-quality results every time. This repeatability directly translates to a reduction in inventory swings caused by human variation.

Try SR Measure today to gain control over your stockpile estimates and protect your financial outcomes by removing the influence of humans and the negative impact of manual errors in determining stockpile toe and base planes.