Everything is Going Digital: 3 Takeaways from Hillhead 2024

Every two years the UK hosts Hillhead, one of the most unique quarrying, construction, and recycling exhibitions on the planet. Set in the Hillhead quarry, visitors have a chance to see the newest heavy equipment in action crushing and moving rock. The Stockpile Reports team spent three days on the quarry floor meeting with customers, vendors, and other industry professionals and it was obvious that everything is going digital! Here are our top three takeaways from the exhibition.

Hillhead offers the unique experience of heavy equipment operating in a live quarry.

Takeaway #1: A New Generation of Equipment

The newest heavy equipment is always the top interest at Hillhead and this year did not disappoint! Aside from bigger, more efficient, and newly electrified machines, there was a standout machine going digital. Bell showcased their fully autonomous B40E articulated dump truck. This is the UK’s first autonomous ADT, and for most visitors to the exhibition it was their first time seeing in person autonomous heavy equipment operating.

Dustin from our team checking out Agg Pro’s newest plant

Takeaway #2: Sensors and Software

Software to optimize operations was a highlight at Hillhead. From advanced telematics systems, to solutions managing ticketing and sales, the focus was on enhancing operational efficiency. These digital tools provide real-time data and analytics, enabling companies to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and ultimately, boost productivity. Vendors demonstrated how integrated software solutions could transform traditional workflows, reducing downtime and improving overall project management.

We showcased Stockpile Reports’ on-device measurement with the Professional version of SR Measure to the attendees at Hillhead, and it received glowing feedback! Within seconds, operators can have real-time verification of stockpiles. The ROI on our SR Measure app as a replacement for belt scales was immediately obvious, as was the ROI for real-time confirmation of output. Operators can track costs using volume produced and reduce maintenance spend on calibrating belts, highlighting the clear financial and efficiency gains provided by SR Measure.

Measuring a stockpile with SR Measure at Hillhead

Takeaway #3: Safety

Safety has gone digital at Hillhead! We spotted a VR demonstration from xWatch Safety Solutions where an equipment operator trained on a new machine without having to be in harm’s way. Just like a flight simulator for commercial airline pilots, this full VR experience gives the operators time to hone their skills before actually operating at an active quarry or construction site. Back to reality, Rodradar showcased their radar sensor integrated excavator bucket that can detect utilities. This prevents operators from accidentally cutting into a undetected utility and causing an expensive safety issue.

Checking out the excavator controls equipped with omni-directional safety cameras.


Hillhead 2024 was a clear signal that the industry has accelerated digital transformation. If you were unable to attend or missed us while at the show and want to give SR Measure a try, download the app today on iPhone 12 or newer. See how easily you can digitize your stockpile inventory.