Which iPhone models are supported with SR Measure?

SR Measure works on iPhone models 12 and newer.

What is the accuracy of SR Measure?

SR Measure is accurate to within 5% of the volume of a stockpile. Using cones will increase your accuracy to within 1.6%.
Read about 3rd party accuracy verification performed by Texas DOT.
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How do I used safety cones to improve my accuracy?

Two orange safety cones can be used to increase your accuracy to within 1.6%. Download our guide on how to use cones.

What happens if my camera can't see all of the pile?

The app evaluates each measurement, displaying a 3D visualization with red on surface areas that the camera did not see. The app predicts the surface for these areas and estimates a volume. Users will improve accuracy and precision of measurements by capturing as much of the pile surface as possible.|


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Will SR Measure work for stockpiles in bins and bunkers?

Bins and bunkers are supported with an Enterprise subscription. SR Measure with a Professional subscription is limited to freestanding stockpiles.

How Does SR Measure Determine the Base of the Stockpile?

SR Measure’s patented algorithms detect thousands of points on the stockpile surface to determine where the pile meets the ground. The app then creates a ground plane to fit the bottom of the stockpile. This ground can curve and up and down to match the real life ground level around the stockpile.

Can the app measure trenches or pits?

No, the SR Measure app is purpose built to measure stockpile volumes.

Can SR Measure work indoors?

Yes, the app does not require precise GPS locations making it a convenient option for indoor stockpile measurement.

Is there a pile size or shape limitation?

The SR Measure app does not have restrictions on pile size or shape.

How repeatable are the measurement results?

Measurements in the app are highly repeatable because of the precision of our proprietary algorithms. For example, one of the largest contributors to variations in measurements is determining the pile toe. The SR Measure app determines the toe using a consistent process for scoring stockpile risks and attributes, ensuring consistency between measurements.
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Is SR Measure a new app?

No. SR Measure was originally launched in 2013 using the name “Stockpiles”. The app was re-launched in 2021 with an improved design and a new name: SR Measure. In 2023, on-device measurements and single-user accounts were implemented.

Can I download measurement reports or share them via the cloud?

Users with an Enterprise subscription can download measurement reports via a web portal. A Professional subscription does not have access to sharing or downloading measurements.

Can I measure stockpiles in units other than cubic yards?

Yes, you can measure in cubic feet, cubic yards, and cubic meters. Professional users can set the unit of measure in the Account tab. The unit of measure for Enterprise users is set by the account owner.

A picture showing app unit settings