SR Measure Professional vs Enterprise

Unsure if you should upgrade to the full Stockpile Reports enterprise service? Here are a few key benefits you get with Enterprise.

More users

Do you need many employees measuring stockpiles and sharing data? An Enterprise subscription cost is based on the number of stockpiles you manage. Get started today with a self-service Enterprise license with 5 users and access to the web portal.

Measure with a drone

Do you need to measure an entire site at once for month-end inventory reporting? Enterprise users can measure stockpiles using drones for no additional cost. 

View your reports in tons

Enterprise accounts enable companies to manage sites, products, and conversion factors. Each measurement will be associated with a site, specific product, and density which allows for reports to be displayed with tonnages.

Audit-ready verified reports

Enterprise users’ measurements undergo Stockpile Reports’ verified report process. The process identifies the risks in each measurement, independently evaluating more than a dozen common problems corrupting the accuracy of stockpile measurements. Risks include combined piles, vegetation, standing water, equipment obstructions, and more. When risks are detected, we require manual verification and resolution of problematic conditions before we issue a report.

Centralized historical measurement data

View everyone’s historical measurements in one place. Measurement data for enterprise users is accessible through a centralized web platform. You can filter measurements by date, site, product type, etc. Finance teams can download monthy, quartley, and yearly inventory data with a click of a button.

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