Enhanced Measurement Visibility with SR Measure Enterprise

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We are excited to release SR Measure 4.5 with several enhancements for Enterprise users to improve visibility to measurement report status. We also added notifications and alerts about upload success. Let’s dive into the updates.

Improved Measurement Report Status Workflow

The updates provide additional information on the status of your verified stockpile measurement report. Click on any measurement to get a status update and timestamped activity log:

Users can access the upload history, including processing timestamps on posted measurements, by clicking on the ellipsis button at the top right of a measurement page.

Piles that need to be remeasured now include the reason for the measurement failure at the bottom of the status page.

Upload Notifications

Two new notification screens remind users to finish sending pending and partial measurement uploads. When a measurement has been pending or partially uploaded for more than 24 hours, a notification reminder will appear on the iPhone’s lock screen. The app displays a prominent upload reminder notification when the app is open.

How SR Measure 4.5 Reduces Measurement Turnaround Times

SR Measure is an efficient measurement technology because it combines extraordinary precision and speed. For Enterprise users that need a verified report for financial reporting, once a measurement has been successfully uploaded, the average turnaround time is under 60 minutes. Our proprietary algorithms generate an automated report, with no special clicking or manpower required. As part of this update, we enhanced the report processing workflow to make it easier for users to view the status of reports. This is particularly helpful when users don’t understand delays, which are most often attributable to paused or failed uploads. New notifications about upload status will help users accelerate report processing.

How to Get the Update

Search for SR Measure in the Apple App Store or click here to go directly to the app download page. Tap the Update button to update to the latest version of the app.