The Worlds First Stockpile Measurement with the Apple Vision Pro!

With Apple’s release of Vision Pro, the era of mainstream spatial computing has begun. We wanted to see if it was possible to use our spatial computing engines to generate a stockpile volume from the Apple Vision Pro.

Watch it in Action

How it Works

Let’s talk about how it works. We took images captured by the Vision Pro to see how SR Measure would both capture and process the measurement. What is exciting about the Apple Vision Pro is the way navigation becomes intuitive, requiring only eye and hand movements, and supports voice commands. As Dustin walked around the pile, the visceral experience of how the Vision Pro presents a three-dimensional interactive space was a bit mind blowing. He didn’t need to do anything but just look at the pile.

The resolution of the imagery made for a straightforward 3D reconstruction of the pile, and the resulting volume was representative of the physical reality.

The Future of Spatial Computing the Bulk Materials Industry

Our CEO, David Boardman, sees a future where every hard hat and front loader has a camera, digitizing the bulk materials supply chain in real time. “Think Iron Man meets Fred Flintstone. That future is now. Digitizing the industrial world one point at time has been our vision from the start and that is happening now.”

Our initial tests with the Apple Vision Pro cement our vision that the spatial computing will transform the external world into a virtual and immersive workspace.

For now, using the iPhone with SR Measure is a good way to start with real time measurements as you scan the pile or bunker.